Photography for me is about art and expression. I think that photography has the potential to speak into an irrational and out of control world. In particular, I believe that our understanding of our bodies is disconnected from our reality. We're afraid of the human form and yet that is all we have when we're born. The sane response is to adore the human form. I hope my photography expresses that. Because of that, I believe that all forms of the human body can be beautiful if you're committed to exploring that.

As a result, I'm not interested in commercial photography, it's not about making money and I have little interest in conventional beauty.Because it's art, I reserve the right not to have a specific style but to be able to explore all techniques and styles that offer the ability to make a statement about the world. I don't charge for my photography but the flip side is that I'm not for hire. Conversely, while photography is not my job and income source, I do recognize that for some it is and am willing to negotiate compensation. If you have an interesting idea you'd like to explore, please contact me. If you want to be a collaborator in creating something different, please contact me. In particular, I like long term collaborations where trust can develop -- I don't mind working with the same models over and over again and in fact, I don't think we get our best work until a couple of sessions into the collaboration.

I can also be contacted via ModelMayhem (http://www.modelmayhem.com/507548). My newest stuff usually goes up on Tumblr and you can follow me on Twitter.
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